Rena's EMH (Endless Multi Hack)

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Rena's EMH (Endless Multi Hack)

Post by Wizardcain on Sat Mar 01, 2008 7:29 pm

Well, As Most Of You Know, Me and Rena Work on EMH, So heres What was Posted on Eohax. Remember Rena Posted it Not me.

Kezonz (aka Wizardcain) is now hosting a server in england. This server can be joint by changing your EMH Server IP to

Also 9 new networks have started up
Network: EMH1 (All the way to 9)
Password: eo

Join just one of these ONLY if your not a member of a VaultHack Network

Previously known as the Fake Vault Hack, I've changed my mind from a simple paperdoll hack to a full on side by side server with endless.

I'll slowly add features to this making it more and more powerfull granting the users fun little advantages among other normal players, and neat little features that only they and other users of EMH can enjoy.

You can't login to the server with a different version, until it's only a small update (Such as I'll add a letter to the end to represet a small update, and I'll increase the number to represent a big update.)

Feature Log:
+ Fixed lots of little bugs
+ Added Listen to Admin Chat option
+ Added Open Message Board Beta
+ Create Account Added
+ Fixed Lag Control
==Havn't added admin commands yet
==Don't forget to post bugs and problems you find
v1.00 Beta
+ Reprogrammed Server
+ Account System
==Still has a few client side bugs that need fixing
v0.5a Alpha
+ Fixed Admin Annoucment
==Type @Message to send your message
==Uses the name of the first character on your account
v0.5 Alpha
+ Support for Admin Annoucement
==Server not ready for it though xD
+ Updated EPA
==Change Send Speed to last longer in the Pause Time stage
v0.4 Alpha
+ Added Beta Stepback Hack
==Change Map
==Click Activate
==You will warp back to your last warp square
v0.3 Alpha
+ Added Beta EPA Section
==Click Activate Hotkey
==Hold Shift to -Pause Time- and release shift to -Reset Time-

1) Install Hamachi & follow the instructions.
2) Join the following network:
Netowrk: VaultHack7
Password: eo
3) Run Endless Multi-Hack and click Connect
4) Goto Endless-Online\config\setup.ini and change Host= to Host=
5) Login

Server Status Help:
Connecting to EMH Server...
- This means the EMH is trying to connect to my server
EMH Server Error
- You can't connect or lost connection with my server, try again a few more times.
- If you keep getting this my server is most likely down or you havn't setup hamachi right.
Endless Server Error
- You lost connection with the endless server
- Keep trying, and you'll eventally connect (Server rejects connects for a short time after inital connection)
Listening for Client
- This means EMH is waiting for you to start Endless-Online and login
- Make sure your host for Endless Online is (In setup.ini in the config folder)
The server is only online while my computer is turned on.
I turn my computer off when I sleep which is usally for about 8 hours a day,
so if you can't connect and you have followed the instructions, wait 8 hours and try again Wink

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